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Hi, I'm Christian


Born in the booming metropolis of Melton Mowbray, in the heartland of England.  After a short departure [20 years] to the great US of A, I have found myself landed back in the UK in 1999 working across Europe. I must add, having the "time of my life".

I feel British to my core, with a strong Christian heart and some Indian sprinkles for effect. 


As a British born Asian it was with Math's or Medicine..... so Math's it was.

After 20 years in quants, investment banking & wealth management, I finally found a calling in "mastering the startup"


Today, I find myself working with;

  • Innovators

  • Academia

  • Fund Managers

  • Family offices 

 Doing the same thing, "building peoples dreams".  Accelerating an idea to a concept to a business.

So enough about me..... I want to know more about you ... reach out!!  


Flatten the Curves

In order to succeed it is essential to soften the peaks and valleys of your funding and cash flow.  It is equally as important as flattening the peaks and valleys of your emotions.  Have seen the absolute personal destruction of entrepreneurs  and having ridden that roller coaters over 30 years, I'd like to share my experiences and soften your journey. Business is difficult, surround yourself with partners and collaborators that you can feed and in turn will feed you. You don't have to do it alone ...


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